Friday, June 22, 2007

Nai Talanoa ni Lapita Book Review by Losalini Dulakiverata

By Losalini Dulakiverata
13 June 2007

Nai Talanoa ni Lapita. The Story of Lapita’ written by Tarisi Sorovi Vunidilo introduces us to Pacific prehistory. This is an important book, not only for Fijians but for everyone, as many New Zealanders’ trace their ancestry to these early Pacific seafarers.
As you turn the pages, the author’s passion for heritage arts can be read between the lines and spaces. Here she gives emphasis to the importance of preserving artifacts and history as well as passing this knowledge to the next generation.
The striking feature about this book is that it is bi-lingual. Its written content is cleverly laid out among its beautiful images in a way that makes reading clear even though it is in two languages – Fijian and English. It makes for a good accompaniment for Fijian language courses for speakers of English and vice versa.
The book poses questions like ‘What is Lapita?’, ‘Where is it found?’, and ‘Why is Lapita so special’ and goes on to provide answers to young readers. Furthermore, it provides information about what to do when you chance upon a Lapita artifact and where to go to learn more.
It is an interesting introduction to the story of Lapita and will no doubt whet the appetite for further search into our Pacific past and our prehistoric links with one another.

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